Peter Joy are an independently owned company of estate agents specialising in residential property sales and lettings. The company has multiple offices throughout Stroud and Nailsworth.



The company had experienced large growth and was becoming increasing dependent on their underlying IT. Each site had an older Windows server however the sites were not fully interconnected and operated as independent domains. As a result of this, staff could not easily share emails, contacts, calendars or data. There was also very limited options for remote working.



The first part of the project that System 15 carried out was an audit of the existing IT infrastructure and an understanding of business processes. This was to establish a list of current issues faced by Peter Joy and to ensure that implementation of the proposed solution was as smooth as possible, with minimal downtime.

System 15 created a single Active Directory Domain consisting of multiple Active Directory Sites. Each physical Peter Joy site had a Windows 2012 R2 server installed and all sites were connected together via VPN tunnels. This effectively created a large single Peter Joy network, subdivided between sites.



The fully interconnected Active Directory Domain offered a large number of operational benefits to the organisation. Usernames and passwords were now synced between sites so staff could visit any branch office and log on to any workstation (hot desking). They would receive their own mapped network drives and would be able to access their emails and their own data.

User account control was configured so that any sensitive data was stored in secure folders that only appropriate staff could access. A complete backup and disaster recovery strategy was implemented across all of the sites meaning that backed up data was retained offsite. In the event of a disaster, both server and data could be restored quickly.

Finally, a company-wide, managed antivirus solution was deployed ensuring that all PCs, laptops, Macs and servers throughout the organisation were fully protected against malware and viruses. The antivirus software is updated automatically and a cloud portal now gives Administrators an overall view of antivirus on all devices throughout the network.

Taking the company from a relatively disparate set of offices to a fully connected wide area network has meant that Peter Joy can streamline their processes and fully utilise IT to support their business growth.

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