Tudor Rose International are Europe's leading export market management company, specialising in supplying British brands around the world. Working closely with brand owners including Burtons Biscuit Company, Jordans Ryvita, Dairy Crest, Organix, Aunt Bessies and Baxters, they have a unique capability to successfully place all types of fast moving consumer goods into global markets. Tudor Rose are based in Stroud, Gloucestershire and employ over 60 people.



The company have experienced rapid growth over the last few years and have introduced a number of new systems such as SAP, a Warehouse Management System and sales forecasting software to accommodate their growth. Although the internal applications were modernised, the underlying IT infrastructure had not been suitably redesigned to support the additional demands placed upon it.

It became apparent that the existing Storage Area Network (SANs) and servers were running out of resources and were stretched beyond their capabilities. This led to system instability, server crashes and continued maintenance and support, often leading to downtime for the company.



System 15 were invited to perform analysis of the existing infrastructure, taking into account company growth requirements. The brief was to design a modern, robust system that was not only capable of running the newly updated business applications and databases, but also to cope with future company expansion over the next 3 years. Tudor Rose management also took the opportunity to change their IT support company, awarding the support contract to System 15.

After a comprehensive review of the existing systems, a detailed network design was produced that exceeded the client specification, while keeping within budget. The new infrastructure was designed around a three-node converged system comprising of multiple Broadberry Enterprise Storage Servers. Two of these nodes were configured for replicated storage and processing while the third was a dedicated compute node.



The converged server solution and network redesign incorporated multiple levels of redundancy. From a business point of view this meant if a server or network switch suffered a hardware failure, the infrastructure would continue to operate with no loss of service while users were still connected.

Convergence enables organisations to integrate server and storage resources into simple, highly scalable and low-cost replacements for traditional SANs or NAS boxes. This gives increased flexibility and options to add extra servers at a later stage, while reducing costs.

The solution provides replicated datastores comprising of 1.6TB of ultra fast RAID 10 SSD storage (for business applications such as SAP and SQL) and 16TB of RAID 10 SAS storage. Any server node can be taken offline for maintenance without adversely affecting performance of the network.


Benchmarking showed the new infrastructure achieved speeds of up to 1300MB/sec read and write within the VMware virtual environment. This is a dramatic increase from the 75MB/sec the old infrastructure provided.


The core network infrastructure was also completely redesigned from the ground up, using 10Gb ethernet switches to allow multipath redundant networking. Not only does this now allow for up to 20Gb/sec transfer speeds between core networks, it also means that both switches and cables can be replaced while the system is live, with no interruptions or outages. 

 The management at Tudor Rose were very impressed with the professionalism shown by System 15 throughout the entire process, from the consultancy phase through to delivery and commissioning of the new infrastructure. The dramatic increases in performance, coupled with solid system stability means that staff can work more productively and efficiently.

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