Wheatley Metal Fabrications Ltd. have been a major supplier of high-quality fabrications and assemblies for a diverse range of customers representing a vast range of industries for over 35 years.



As the company has grown there has been an increasing demand on their IT to support the growth. This resulted in a largely unstructured IT system that required constant support work. The company had a peer to peer network consisting of PCs joined together yet no server to manage the network.



After analysis of requirements System 15 recommended that Wheatley would benefit from their Business in a Box product. This is an ideal first server solution for companies of up to 25 users. Created for startups and small companies the fixed-price, low cost package provides all of the essential IT ingredients a company requires.

The Business in a Box server was pre-configured at System 15 and was shipped to the Wheatley site in Wareham, Poole. The server was plugged into the Wheatley network and System 15 staff completed the remainder of the setup remotely.



The new server provided a large number of immediate benefits. From an information security viewpoint all data is now securely stored on the server with folder permissions to only allow access to specific staff. If staff do not have the appropriate permissions the folders themselves are not visible, thus preventing staff accidentally straying into HR records or accounts information.

Automated backups are scheduled to run each night, ensuring that all company data and business-critical PCs are backed up. Backup drives are taken offsite to mitigate the risks associated with disaster recovery.

System 15 implemented Office 365 for Wheatley staff to provide them with easy to manage, business class email that can be accessed securely via PC, phone or tablet. The 365 package also meant that all staff had the latest version of Microsoft Office installed on PCs and Macs throughout the organisation.

Office 365 also provides email filtering to scan for, identify and remove viruses and spam. The scanning process takes place before emails even get to staff Inboxes so the operation is transparent to the end user.

Information security was further improved at Wheatley by deployment of Sophos antivirus throughout the organisation. The software runs transparently on all computers and is managed via a simple web interface.

In addition to the Business in a Box solution System 15 also handled the purchase and implementation of a new domain name, configured DNS and tied the new domain up with Wheatley's Office 365 account to work in conjunction with their existing email addresses.


"As a small business we can’t cover all the bases, and IT support is something we have to outsource. System15 have been an excellent addition, allowing us to concentrate on our daily business, safe in the knowledge that our IT is being looked after. Cool in a crisis, nothing is too much trouble, and their ability to work with our software providers has meant that a potentially difficult installation of a new MRP system went off without a hitch. We can highly recommend the team at System15 and look forwards to working with them in the future."

Jane Butler, Operations Manager, Wheatley Metal Fabrications Ltd

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