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Managed IT Services

Your outsourced IT department

IT support, cyber security, cloud solutions and proactive maintenance

Benefits of Managed IT Services

By partnering with a Managed Services Provider (MSP), you get the knowledge and experience of a team of IT professionals. This allows you to focus on core objectives while your IT systems are being monitored and maintained

From a cost perspective, one of the clear benefits is fixed price which allows you to budget effectively. You'll also receive unlimited user support so you don't need to worry about unexpected support costs

One simple monthly fee

No hassles. No surprises. Just a consistent, predictable cost that's easy to budget for, with unlimited remote user support

Proactive maintenance

No more waiting until something is broken. We monitor and resolve issues before they become time consuming, often expensive problems

Complete support package

Our team of highly skilled specialists act as your own IT department. We're there when you need us and we'll treat your IT systems like our own

'It just works' reliability

Our always-on monitoring and alerting ensures everything runs smoothly, 24x7. We'll be fixing issues before you are aware of them

Faster, more effective issue resolution

Unlike the traditional break/fix model, we're incentivised to resolve issues quickly to prevent ongoing problems from reoccurring

Protection from cyber threats

All organisations are targets for cyber attacks. We use the latest technology and expertise to keep your networks and systems secure

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions we'd be happy to help

Technology has come a long way since the old days of break/fix IT. Most organisations prefer their IT support services to be proactive, rather than reactive

Ad hoc or break/fix support is like fire-fighting. IT providers are often only called once an issue has been raised. Costs can quickly escalate for complex problems, especially those relating to servers or infrastructure

Managed services on the other hand, offer a preventative approach, with constant and consistent monitoring of systems to limit failures where possible

Real-time alerts mean problems can be corrected before they escalate into more serious issues. Managed services have one, simple monthly fee that's easy to budget for

Yes. All jobs are logged and managed via our comprehensive ticket system. Once you have signed into the portal you can view all jobs, requests quotes for new hardware, view invoices and see a list of all your managed devices

It is very important that we analyse and triage all support requests in a consistent and fair manner, for all customers. This allows us to allocate appropriate support resources based on the severity of the request and the impact the issue causes

When you raise a ticket with us, we make an assessment based on the information received from you and we assign a Priority from 1 to 4, with P1 (critical issues) carrying more weight than routine issues. Our target response time for P1 events is less than 60 minutes

Absolutely, in fact we encourage every customer to consider regular visits. Most IT issues affecting productivity issues go ignored until the IT person ‘walks past’. Talk to us about which options you’d like to include in your Agreement

As most of our pricing is based on a per user and workstation basis, we work out each month the number of users and flex the Agreement costs accordingly

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