What is two-factor authentication (2FA)?

2FA is the addition of a second method of authenticating a user, on top of the standard username and password.

Often this will be in the form of a randomised code provided by an authentication service such as an app on your mobile phone, but in some situations it could be a fingerprint or voice recognition. 

The UK National Cyber Security Centre suggests that having a second factor is such effective protection that it should be enabled wherever possible. This is especially true for web based services, such as email (e.g.: 365 or Gmail) and some accounting software.

It only takes a few more seconds to log in than just a username and password, however the security improvements are significant. 2FA requires users to install a free app on their mobile phone or to type in a code from a text message. If users don't have a mobile device they can usually receive a code via a traditional desk-phone.

Please contact us if you need advice regarding 2FA or help with implementation.

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