Microsoft ending support for Windows 7

Posted on Thursday 12 September, 2019

If you have PCs with the Windows 7 operating system, it is important that you upgrade them to the latest version of Windows (Windows 10). If you have a lot of PCs and laptops to upgrade, you may want to begin budgeting for this upgrade soon. Mainstream support for Windows…

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Microsoft are stopping support for some popular products in the next year

Posted on Wednesday 7 August, 2019

What does end of support mean?   If you're still using the same Microsoft systems that you had 7 or 8 years ago, your product is probably reaching the end of its intended life.   This is a serious issue as once Microsoft stop supporting a software, they will not…

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Frampton Country Fair

Posted on Wednesday 1 May, 2019

Our latest website project Frampton Country Fair is one of the last truly traditional county fairs. Showcasing the very best of Britain’s countryside, the event which is now in its 34th year, draws crowds of around 18,000 people.  System 15 were approached by the organisers of Frampton Country Fair who…

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Using two-factor authentication (2FA) to add security to your business

Posted on Wednesday 6 March, 2019

What is two-factor authentication (2FA)? 2FA is the addition of a second method of authenticating a user, on top of the standard username and password. Often this will be in the form of a randomised code provided by an authentication service such as an app on your mobile phone, but…

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We've moved!

Posted on Friday 18 January, 2019

New premises We’ve now settled into our spacious new offices. Thanks to all those who helped in the move! Our new office provides better facilities for customers including a new meeting room, plenty of parking and a dedicated build area for working on client machines. It also has a kitchen, a…

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Are your systems GDPR compliant?

Posted on Thursday 12 July, 2018

How can I best secure my systems and data? With the vast amount of different ways to store, process and data, many companies are asking about the most appropriate ways to protect themselves, especially in light of recent GDPR legislation. The question we hear most is: "where or how do…

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