How can I best secure my systems and data?

With the vast amount of different ways to store, process and data, many companies are asking about the most appropriate ways to protect themselves, especially in light of recent GDPR legislation.

The question we hear most is: "where or how do we even start this process?" We advise people to have a look at the Cyber Essentials Scheme (CES).

CES is a government-backed scheme to help you guard against the most common forms of cyber attack while demonstrating your commitment to information security.

It shows your customers you take data protection seriously.

CES takes the form of an online self assessment questionnaire. The process verifies that your IT is secure and meets the standards set by Cyber Essentials.


How do I become Cyber Essentials Certified?

We'd suggest having a look at the CES site for a jargon-free overview of the process. Once you have an understanding of the process we can then work with you to help on the more technical aspects and guide you through the assessment.

Once you have become CES certified you get a logo to display on your website. This can also be used in sales and marketing campaigns and you will also benefit of course from having more secure systems.


Contact System 15 for an initial free CES consultation and we'll help you to get certified.

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