What does end of support mean?


If you're still using the same Microsoft systems that you had 7 or 8 years ago, your product is probably reaching the end of its intended life.


This is a serious issue as once Microsoft stop supporting a software, they will not provide any security patches. No patches means that known security loopholes will be left open, so a hacking attempt is more likely to be successful. If data from your business is compromised, you may have to notify the ICO and could be subject to fines under GDPR.


On a more practical level, your old software might not integrate with newer programs, for example CRM and finance software, which may require a supported operating system.

Invest in your IT


We'll be providing more specific advice about the most popular of the below software applications, along with what you should consider upgrading to. Your PCs won't suddenly stop working in when support ends, but they will quickly stop being secure. Don't leave it until the last minute to upgrade to the latest software.


Many businesses have already moved to a Windows 10 operating system, online email management via Office 365, and a modern, supported server. If you don't use the below products, then you haven't got any immediate changes to plan for, but all software has a shelf life and you need to be prepared to stay up to date in order to protect your business and optimise its integration with other software.


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