High Availability of applications and data. 

System 15 have been awarded authorised reseller status of StarWind Virtual SAN software. One of only 7 resellers in the UK, System 15 are now able to offer the Virtual SAN software to clients who need their applications, data and databases to have high availability and resilience.

Traditionally if you required your data and applications to be available on multiple servers for redundancy and disaster recovery purposes you needed to invest in expensive underlying hardware.

The StarWind Virtual SAN software effectively 'mirrors' internal hard drives and flash memory across all of your servers. Starting with a minimum of 2 server nodes, you can scale out your infrastructure by adding extra nodes when you require more storage or compute resources and this can then be shared amongst the existing servers.  


 StarWind Virtual SAN software


The benefits to your company are ease of management from a single console, removal of complexity, highly available applications for your staff and a reduction in hardware costs. With virtualisation with either Hyper-V or VMware you can achieve much more on less hardware. Aside from costs savings your company will also benefit from a smaller footprint, inline deduplication and compression and consistent performance.


If you are considering a converged or hyperconverged infrastructure or require high availability and resilience please get in touch with our consultants.


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