Welcome to our first Teams Tips blog post

We're really excited to launch this series of short, easy to digest, Microsoft Teams tips.


Our aim is to show you how to get the most out of Teams. Each week we'll give details of hints, tips and guidance to help you use Teams more effectively in your schools and workplaces.

Teams Tip #1: Find out who attended your Teams meeting

Many times we've been asked how to track who attended a meeting, what time they joined, left or re-joined.

Note: only the meeting organiser can download the attendance report, and these reports are only available if your Teams administrator has enabled the feature - let us know if you need help with getting this enabled! 


The report will be exported as an Excel spreadsheet and will be saved to your computer's default downloads folder.
It contains information such as full name, user action (e.g.: joined / left) and a timestamp

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