Find out who attended meetings

In our previous post we talked about how to determine who attended the meeting while the meeting was in progress.

This post explains how to view attendee data after the meeting has finished. Note: this feature is currently only available for Teams for Education.

Teams Tip #2: Using Insights to view Team meeting attendees

Insights is a Teams feature that allows teachers to obtain detailed information about activities taking place in their Team classes.

You can enable Insights on a per-channel basis by adding a tab. To do this, click on the + at the top of any channel:

In the search box, type Insights and click on the Insights icon to add it. Only teachers are able to see the Insights tab, so remove the tick asking if you'd like to post to the channel about the new tab:

From the channel, click on the new tab to select it and you'll see a window showing data for the students in the class. The default view is to show digital activity

You can hover over any of the coloured lines to get more information about whether students were having conversations, editing files, or posting messages, for example:

Reviewing meeting attendance

To determine which students attended a particular meeting, firstly select the date using the 'Specific day' menu option:

By default, the view will show data for all students. You can filter this by clicking on the drop down list at the top left of the Insights tab and selecting specific students.

To further refine the data to show just meeting attendance, click on the 'All activities' drop down and select Meetings:

Hover over the coloured bars for each student and you'll see their attendance information for specific meetings:

You can also click on 'Export to Excel' at the top right of the screen if you want to get a report of all the data to manipulate at a later date.

Insights offers a vast amount of detailed information about students activities, assignment grades and data about their digital engagement. Get in touch with us if you want to know more information about Insights.

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